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What makes a quality billiard table?

When you head out to buy a pool table, you need to consider their features. The following tips will help you pick out a good quality billiards table that will last for years.

Billiards is a popular game, and it has been for several generations. A pool table makes an excellent choice for family members of all ages who can enjoy the occasional game. Purchasing a pool table can seem like a significant consideration with the many options that you should take into account when it comes to choosing the right table for you. 

Having a pool table provides the family with a source of recreation and entertains the guests. When it comes time to buy, know what you need to look for when it comes to sound quality.


Having a level surface is essential for proper play. Some tables have an added feature of adjustable legs, so if you are playing on uneven ground, you can adjust the table to be level. If you don’t get a pool table with this feature and find the ground is uneven, you can use scrap paper `to raise the legs as needed.


Try and find a pool table that uses solid hardwood in the construction. You will find the pool tables are a lot heavier, but they are more durable. You should see a table that has support beams that go the full length and lock into cross members. You can figure out the quality by the price also. Cheap tables are not going to be much quality, whereas dearer ones are going to better quality.


The best slate to get is the diamond-honed surface. Some slate will come in three pieces so ensure that you check it’s matched. A matched slate means that each piece gets cut from the same piece.


creepy billiard roomWhen looking at pool tables, you want to be going for a pool table that has felt glued and then screwed down. If the felt has just been glued down and stapled, it will not provide you with a lasting surface. Consider the wool content of the felt as the more wool that is within the material will make it more durable. Good quality felt will be 20 per cent nylon and 80 per cent wool.

Railing and cushions

The pool table rails need to get crafted from hardwood. The harder the wood is, the less vibration is going to occur on ball contact. If you find the tracks have a laminated surface, you need to ensure it is high-pressure laminate. The cushions need to be made with a canvas backing which will help the cushion adhere to the rail.


You want the pockets to be a soft rubberised plastic. If the pockets are made from hard plastic, they won’t last too long as plastic will crack over time, especially with frequent use.


Don’t bother buying a pool table without a solid warranty. A good quality table will come with a lifetime guaranty. 

Ensure that you organise where you want the table to go first before bringing it in as you can damage the level and the construction if you keep dragging it around. 

You will need plenty of space around the table so you can take shots without coming into contact with the ceilings and walls. Going for a minimum of five feet clearance all around is a good starting point.

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