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Style Your Hair To Hide Hair Extensions 

Hair extensions can make you or break you. Whether to give you a different look or to boost what you have got, you’d rather keep it discreet on how it is attached to your head. While there are many kinds of hair extensions, it’s always important to know how to style your hair so that your extensions don’t show.

  • Keep it as natural as possible.

If you want to attempt to be an instant Rapunzel, that’s your call! But don’t get surprised if people would walk to you and ask if your hair is real. Because they just had to prove to themselves that it’s fake by extracting that “no” for an answer. You may think that you’re spending so much on your hair already, so why not go for the overhaul? Well, it’s no brainer that 30-inch long extensions just won’t cut it (excuse the pun). One rule in going for additional hair is to at least choose it depending on the length of your natural hair length.

  • Let the extensions conform to your natural hair.

An important part of flawlessly allowing your hair extensions to blend with your natural hair is trimming it and getting a great blow wave to match your current style. A lot of it comes with ends that are either blunt or oddly straight. So explain to your stylist the situation. Ask for a dry cut (no need for the head shower) to help the extensions blend in with your hair. 

  • Wash it before wearing it.

New hair extensions often come in a super glossy appearance. It’s amazing to have that type of hair as you own, but it looks too synthetic. When you wash your hair, it doesn’t come out that glossy, so it’s impossible to match that kind of shine. Experts have cracked the nut by sharing the hack to this: you just have to wash the hair beforehand. You have to know that this is more applicable to real hair though than the synthetic ones. Use a texturizing spray for a rougher, more natural feel for the latter ones.

  • Add some colour to help it blend in.

Most hair extensions come in the base colour, but real hair costs more than synthetic hair as it comes in 30 set shades. While the shades of the synthetic ones are done in blocks, it’s quite a challenge to make it blend flawlessly with your own hairs. To achieve the natural-looking effect, go for some highlights and lowlights. 

  • Disguise the extensions with your real hair

Before going out, make sure you check all angles for showing clip-ins or mirror rings. This is the first step in figuring out what’s the best style to have.

  • Stylize with curls.

Just as to hide the blunt ends your hair extensions have, curl your entire mane. That way, it will loosely come together and the short hair won’t be pointed out to be oddly laid out even from afar.

  • Tease where it shows.

Clip-ins tend to slip down your smooth locks, especially if you have straight hair. For your clip-ins to stay put, teasing a portion of your hair where it can grip is the best solution. Do this by doing a gentle backcomb right at the root where you want to volumize with your clip-ins. Remember not to clip it too close to your hairline and not to put it too low on the back of the head, almost at the nape.

  • Keep the thought of hair extensions a mystery

Planning to put your hair up for a change? Ensure that there is hair to cover your extensions to keep the mystery of your fabulous hair. The culprit of failing in this is showing clip-ins. A way to hide it is to brush your real hair over the extensions using a bristle brush spritzed with hairspray. If they still peek through, try clipping them from upside down which goes against your roots. This way, it will face the right direction as you pull up your hair to a ponytail.


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