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How to Manage Your Child’s Temper Tantrums

Being a parent is hard work and managing your child’s temper tantrums is a big challenge. It’s something even the most experienced of permanent nannies struggle with, so rest assured you aren’t going through it alone. The most important thing is to identify the root cause of your child’s anger. Finding the root cause is also our first step in managing their anger. Many children having tantrums can be seen crying and screaming. Even in young children, Tantrums may occur when they struggle with a big feeling. One of the common causes regarding this issue is that children haven’t learnt to self-regulate them. You, as the parent have to work with your child, talking with them through the problem.

For children aged 3 to 4 years old, several behavioural strategies can be implemented. To manage the child’s temper tantrum, the parent needs to let a child take time. If they start kicking or throwing things, then remove them from the room, and into a place where there are few things to grab and throw.

In the case of crying and screaming, the parent should set their tones accordingly. For Instance, if a kid is yelling loudly, then parents have to speak with a soft but firm voice. It is the best to let a kid understand the difference between loud and quiet, allowing them to be aware of their loudness then toning it down to match yours.

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Understanding the child’s personality is also important for eliminating tantrum problems. There may be situations when a kid starts crying, screaming, and depicting an unusual behaviour. Younger kids usually have a limited vocabulary. Thus it can be frustrating for them to attempt to communicate their feelings through words when they don’t always know the right ones. Parents have to understand this and work with a kid to help reach their needs and wants. Temper management is all about understanding or knowing why a kid reacts so strongly. After this, managing temper tantrums becomes easy as long as parents give the appropriate space and time for the child to calm down and think. It is all about creating some space to make way for the child to start self-regulating their emotions.

Creating a diversion is another good strategy for a parent. Taking a more traditional approach, if a child is in a particular situation which makes him/her cry or scream, the parent can divert his attention to something else entirely. The purpose is to make your child forget the previous situation that made him/her uncomfortable. Tidiness and hunger are two tantrum triggers, and parents have to understand it. Every kid may have a different personality or reaction over these two issues. Parents have to know when their kid is hungry or tied. Making him sleep in this situation is the right solution, and it worked. Giving a child incentive to behave calmer is always a workable solution for parents. 3 to 4 year old’s are still at a demanding age. By meeting their needs, reasons for tantrums can be reduced.

But when they want something that they should not have, we can’t just cave every time and be at the mercy of their emotions. A child may start getting upset over rightly denied ice-creams or snacks that are going to spoil their dinner and encourage an unhealthy appetite. Changing the environment is an excellent option to calm down the child. Diverting the attention and changing the behaviour are two different things, and parents must know it to manage tantrums in different situations.

Managing the child’s temper tantrums doesn’t have to be a huge toll. It would help if you were consistent, that means discussing with your partner and nanny on an agreed procedure of defusing the situation using the list above. If you don’t have a nanny already and are going through a difficult period with your child, perhaps consider looking at a nanny recruitment agency to relieve the stress of tantrums. Parents must maintain focus when developing good behaviour in a child. If you’re overwhelmed by their temper tantrums, know that those tantrums present an excellent opportunity to shape the mindset and personality of the child, they will take your actions of temper management into adulthood.


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