how to shop for outdoor furniture

How to Shop for Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor spaces like patios are enjoyable and are especially welcome when the weather starts getting warmer. Patios and outdoor areas offer a place to relax and entertain among friends or enjoy outside time with the kids. When it comes to buying furniture for your outdoor spaces, you need to consider a few things like those listed below.


Taking the weather into consideration

Do you live near the coast, is the weather dry and hot? Hot and dry conditions will make wood furniture crack and splinter. Aluminium furniture can be sent flying in windy weather, and wicker furniture may not handle exposure to constant extreme weather.

Measure your space

Look at how much space you have to work with and the shape of it. Is it a broad and wide deck, or is it more of a long and narrow balcony? Ensure you have left enough room so that you can walk around comfortably and have the furniture you want in there. To help here, you can apply the same principles for your traffic flow that you would use indoors. If you have only a small space, then it may benefit you to have a bar table

setting rather than a long rectangle dining set. The stools will take up less room than the chairs, and the bar tables are narrower.

how to shop for outdoor furniture

Know where you are going to place the furniture

Is your outdoor area exposed to the elements, or is it undercover? Will the furniture be sitting on the grass or a paved patio? Knowing these things will ensure that you have chosen the right materials for the environment. Soft wood cannot be placed on grassy surfaces or out in the exposed elements. The moisture from the ground will rot the wood and metals will corrode.

Deciding on your material

Do you know what type of furniture material to choose? A few factors that can help your decision is the weather, how it looks, and how much care it is going to need. The weather will play a significant role in how the material will fit in. How much care that is going to be required is also important — materials like resin or timber. Aluminium doesn’t need much attention, and wrought iron is well known for lasting through heat and moisture. Resin furniture works well with damp conditions and has many different looks and finishes. There is a huge range of materials available for your outdoor furniture.

Paying attention to comfort

Your outdoor coastal furniture will be used to relax and enjoy, so you want something comfortable. If you buy chairs that don’t come with cushions, you can either make your own or buy some to add that extra cosy feeling. Ensure when doing this that you are buying fabric that is water and fade-resistant. Ensure you try out the furniture before you go ahead and buy it. If you have a large area, you can even consider daybeds and hammocks for something a little more relaxing.

Keep your budget in mind.

You will find that in the end, your budget will end up determining what you buy. Ensure that you are purchasing the best furniture that your budget will allow. You can find bargains for outdoor furniture after summer has finished the sales are out to get rid of the stock. Sometimes you can get cheaper furniture online, so be sure to check that avenue out as well. That being said, always remember that you get what you pay for.


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