Café interior design trends

If you are looking to give your café or restaurant an update, then follow some of these recent trends that are taking the design world by storm. From lighting to décor, music and the overall vibe, the best trends are all here for you and the customers to enjoy. It is time to create a look and feel that is like no other competitor.


Keeping it natural

As we embrace sustainability, eco-friendliness and organic produce, we see more cafes using natural materials within their designs, including metal, wood, brick and polished concrete. There is also some up-cycled and recycled elements used in many interiors. If you are selling vegan, organic or vegetarian food, this may be a great styling approach to take to attract your target market. Raw materials that are sustainable and natural can show customers what your ethics and values are as a café.


These types of materials are versatile and can be used to create all different kinds of looks from rustic to raw and warm to industrial. The style will depend on what elements you choose to go along with during the café interior design process.


Make the shift towards spaces that bring the outdoors inside. This is a trend that will continue to thrive in Australia, as we are an outdoor-loving nation. Think about the floor to ceiling and windows that overlook the backyard. Louvre windows and bi-fold doors can soften the difference and transition between in and out.



We have the technology of LED lights now that creates a soft, warm glow that isn’t like the hospital grade illumination. LED lights can pretty much glow on anything that you choose; they come in different colours and can be customised to create different moods.


LED lighting is suitable for use all around your premises. This includes from the front of your cafe to the back and even the kitchen. If you choose to remove them down the track, they are flexible enough to make changes.


LED lights are energy-efficient and can last ten times longer than traditional lights, and they are also cheaper to run.


Bring the graffiti inside

Artists are not the only people that are embracing graffiti. Cafes are now commissioning local street artists to create unique artwork for their premises. This not only includes on the outside walls but the inside too. Places such as Melbourne One Plus Piece have taken the trend further by creating art central to their entire theme.


Designed around the Japanese Manga series ‘One Piece’, the café décor is also covered in anime patterns which allows the diners to enjoy a quirky experience and to taste their well-reviewed food.


The colour

The global authority on colour known as Pantone has released the trend predictions for the year 2020, and it seems that anything goes. Iridescent hues and neutral metallics remain popular, as their shiny, pearly impact is just impossible to ignore.

There is good news for lovers of bright and vivid colours as well. With pops of colour, you can gain a competitive advantage. This principle can be applied to any colour that comes into the year and stays in trend. Pantone said extreme versions of green, red, lime, purple and yellow are used more as your standout shades.

If you find it all too overwhelming, subtle shades of rose are still trending along with almond and white to balance out the intense hues.

There is no right or wrong way to design the interior of your café but remaining modern and trendy can result in more people visiting the café and talking about your stylish designs. Hospitality design can significantly affect overall profitability.



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