Why You Shouldn’t Quit Your Second Job as an Artist

Being an artist is not easy; it involves a lot of hard work and patience, which may be hard to achieve, especially if you have art as a second job. At times creating a piece of art takes up so much of your life, yet very few people may end up understand and appreciate your work. This is one of the reasons why so many artists are discouraged and move out of the business.

Some also do art as a part-time job, and as the pressure and disappointment increase, they are likely to leave art altogether. If you are passionate about art and currently doing it as a second job, here are some reasons why you shouldn’t quit being an artist.


Art Provides an Opportunity for Growth

For centuries, art has been used by societies as an avenue for personal growth. It is a lifelong process that makes us acquire abilities such as self-control and composure. Being able to generate artistic pieces has also been associated with an improvement in anger management.

Some artists have even confessed that art provides them with the solace that they need in times of distress.

So instead of quitting you can use art to calm yourself down after a long day of work. This inner growth may lead to outer growth and garner respect from museum curators. Then who knows, one day you might find your artwork displayed on a museum plinth for millions to see.


Art can earn you Extra Money

If you are lucky enough to have artistic skills, you can make use of your abilities by selling your work for some extra money. As much as your day job may be paying well, you can make more by selling the pieces of art you are making. Paintings are known to fetch a good amount of money from the right buyer.

The advancement in our current technologies makes it much simpler as you can now market your products online. Allowing you to cut out the middle man and a faster reach to a broader audience. You don’t have to worry about meetings with art curators and collectors.


Quitting is never a Solution

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If you are thinking of tearing down all your work and burning them up, then you should know that it will not help solve your problems. Sure, you don’t have to pay for art storage services anymore, saving you a bit of money. Dealing with art may involve a lot of struggle, but that does not mean that you should give up. Throughout history, we bestow recognition upon the artists like Van Gogh because of their persistence and hard work. They could overcome all their problems and managed to stand tall despite the constant struggles. Instead of quitting you can consider working hard to get the best from your skills.


Job Opportunity in the Creative Industry

Currently, people have found different ways to make art. The invention of 3D technology has been particularly groundbreaking in the art industry. Soon many people will consider art as their first job. If you are thinking about leaving, know that you will be leaving behind a rewarding opportunity for self-employment. The film industry is also in great need of artists. Modern-day Hollywood blockbusters get made through a configuration of various artistic pieces which aid in making them more entertaining.


You are an inspiration to other Artists

In the art world, a good number of things come from inspiration gathered from many other artists’ work. In case you are thinking of leaving your artistic talents, you never know of a young and budding artist who looks to you as an inspiration. Giving up will only discourage those who are looking up to you. To continue being a good example, try going back to your origins and what got you started with art for motivation. If you’re a digital artist, go to a graphic design conference, reach out to those struggling under you or above you and share ideas. By doing this, you will be nurturing a healthy and creative mindset and environment for you and other artists to continue striving for success in your visions collaboratively.


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