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8 Best Lingerie Brands for Women with Big Boobs

Selecting the right bras for women with large breasts can be a daunting task. This is because most lingerie brands manufacturers don’t consider creating bra designs that are comfortable and stylish for big boobs. Hence, women with large busts or breast implants are left with the uncomfortable and tedious task of searching for the right fit in their bras. In this article, we have narrowed the bra-jungle down to present the lingerie brands that offer amazing bras for women with large boobs – at an affordable price. Let’s begin. 

Third Love

Third Love is an indie brand that mainly focuses on creating lingerie for women of all shapes and sizes. There are several positive reviews about this hyped brand, especially for its production of bras for women with big boobs. Third Love uses measurements from real women to create their bras; therefore any type of woman can find their right fit. Their bra sizes range from size A to G, and fill the cups nicely with large boobs while creating a nice looking cleavage. 

Savage X Fenty

While most brands focus on creating lingerie costumes for small-sized women, Savage X Fenty is mainly focused on offering something for all different body-types’. This includes women with big busts. Their bra size range goes up to 44DD and is stylishly made to make one feel and look sexy.


Elila is renowned for its fiery designs and wide size-range. This brand creates bras for small-sized breasts as well as large-sized breasts. Their products size ranges from 34A – 54N. Their lingerie designs are based on the latest fashion trends and come in numerous colours that one you can choose from. Moreover, this brand also creates exclusive bras for breast augmentation and mastectomy patients as well as nursing moms.

Aerie Bralette

Aerie creates bras exclusively for women with large boobs. These bras are designed in such a way that it has a wider strap which is essential to women with large boobs. Thin straps are known to dig into the skin causing pain. Hence Aerie bralette incorporates wide straps and long line-band that stretches easily. This brand is easily accessed on its website, at an extremely affordable price. Aerie literally works for everybody! 


Wacoal creates bras for women with big boobs.  However, these lingerie bras are not only full cup bras but also strapless bras for big breasts. Wacoal has designed and created one of the rarely found bra types for women with big boobs. The bra is made of grippy silicone material which is sturdy and prevents it from sliding down.

Additional Elle

Additional Elle is widely known among women due to its collaboration with a number of famous fashion celebrities like Ashley Graham. Despite this, the lingerie from this brand mainly focuses on plus size women thus catering for women with large breasts. The bra size ranges from B to H. 

Adina Reay

This UK based lingerie brand creates products for women in all types of sizes. Their size ranges from 28DD to 36G. Their lingerie bras for women with large breasts are designed to meet contemporary fashion and to create a chic feeling. Moreover, the lingerie is made of a variety of bright colours such as hot pink and aquamarine blue, thus a great option for a special occasion. 

Playful Promises

Just like the brand name suggests the lingerie created are sexy and fun. This brand designs lingerie bras for plus size women. Its lingerie pieces are mostly bondage type with several cutouts and straps. Bra sizes of this brand range from 28DD-44I, these sizes are meant to cater to women of all sizes.

From the list above you’re sure to find a brand that will meet your bra size to fill your cups fully and give you a stylish edge.


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